a place is a place is a place — three walks (2014)

Video Stills

a place is a place is a place — three walks is a series of stop-motion animations that explore how we construct a sense of place from the spaces we inhabit. I have chosen three sites that I have a personal connection to.

North End is about the neighbourhood in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where I grew up. In it, I’m exploring how my understanding of place, which I’ve accrued through generational memory, lived experience, and research, is being swiftly destabilised by the forces of gentrification. The impetus for this project was rediscovering a recorded interview with my grandmother about her remembrance of the Halifax Explosion and her journey from her boarding school back home to the North End. The video retraces her route.

Jameson Avenue documents my experience observing two densely populated blocks of mid-20th-century modernist apartments on Jameson Avenue, a street in Toronto’s Parkdale that I walk daily. There is a widespread perception that the street is another 1960s urban renewal failure that has become “slum” housing. However, on an evening stroll you encounter a corridor of lit-up windows, showcasing not the architecture and the street, but evidence of those who make this place their home.

False Creek explores the development in Vancouver that began as the 2010 Olympic Village and has since been transformed into “The Village at False Creek.” In the animation, I am trying to explore how a sense of place can be constructed out of these kinds of tabula rasa constructions. I am interested in capturing this period between conception and lived-in neighbourhood.

I gratefully acknowledge support from the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, and Toronto Arts Council.