One-Offs (ongoing)


These short-term projects are more eclectic in discipline, approach, and theme than my longer-term projects. These “one-offs” are usually about following a fleeting thought or image and tend to be more playful, ephemeral, and intuitive.

Bear, apples and LED lights, installation at Don Blanche outhouse, Shelburne, ON, September 4-5, 2010

Bear was an installation for the Don Blanche Festival (September 4-5, 2010, Shelburne, ON). This small gesture was a response to the experience of the week-long, off-the-grid residency. I decided to work with the much-trafficked outhouse, a structure that has a side window that looks out onto a little clearing that was carpeted with apples that had fallen from the surrounding trees. Having been stuck in the city for most of the summer, I was struck by the star-filled sky, the lush landscape, and the forested areas full of living things that frequently caught me unawares. In filling the fallen apples with light and placing them in the formation of Ursa Major (Great Bear), I wanted to surprise the solitary outhouse visitor by subtly modifying what was already there.

Ground squirrel, spray-painted paper cut-out, installation at the Banff Centre, Banff, AB, 2010

During a residency at Banff I spent much of my time feeling overwhelmed by the landscape that is hemmed in by the imposing mountain range and observing the ground squirrels whose tunnel holes dotted the lawns and from which they periodically peaked up. The landscape made me aware of how small I was, so I could only imagine how the ground squirrels might feel. With this in mind, I decided to make a version of the mountainscape that would make them feel monumental. The ground squirrel community did not seem particularly impressed by this intervention.

Clouds, oil paint on birch plywood, installation, 2012

Some paintings are not meant to be. These dark clouds are cut out of unsuccessful paintings from other series.

Untitled, periodicals, installation at OISE Library, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, 2013

This one-day installation in the library of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) was constructed from the periodicals in its basement. The building, a Brutalist concrete structure from 1969, contains many art works of minimalist abstraction, and this project aims to mimic them by evoking Richard Serra-esque forms. The playful gesture was intended to entice the viewer to engage with the space created by the repurposed periodicals and the building itself.